Full name

Konayachi Han


Artist, Illustrator, Designer




Kitty Illustrator /ᐠ.ꞈ.ᐟ\ノ 🌸


Female/ INFP/ Hufflepuff 💖

Hello, I am a Computer Information System graduate who loves to draw! I am a self-taught artist who created Konapple.me, a homemade brand that collects all my creation- which is mostly art and visual based. My general style is cute and colourful, though I am currently exploring more art styles and genres.

I dream to materialize my art into many things: art books, story books, novels, merchandise and more. I love foreign cultures, languages, proverbs, history, local folklores and fairytales. I also speak some languages and am working in learning more at the moment.

Currently I am freelancing as an artist, taking art commissions and self-developing some personal art projects. I draw daily on https://www.patreon.com/Konapple to polish and improve my artistic skills.

I am open for commissions, project collaborations and more. Just contact me!

By default, all of my arts online as listed on https://konapple.carrd.co belongs to me (Konayachi Han/ Konapple.me) under Attribution/No-Commercial/No-Derivatives use.


Illustrator, Designer


· 2008 – Present

A brand to collect all my creations!