Original Characters

Original Characters that I created, grouped by their own worlds.


Dawn and Zozo (2015)

Two familiars who got separated from their summoner. They need to find their summoner to help him fulfilling his purposes with his summoned familiars – both of them.


Dawn Concept:
Her concept changed a lot. Initially she had long grey hair, then she had long, dark blue hair. For now, she has long, icy blue hair. Her theme is night and snow. Her ability is that she is able to call the sun to rise and she is very reactive toward the sunrise’s light. Her weakness is that her ability is completely useless during the day.


Zozo Concept:
She is the combination of a prey animal and spring flowers. Peach themed with green apple eyes. She wears flowery, slightly skimpy dress. She either has: a) fully closed hairbun (which I plan to release toward as the plot progresses) or b) short hair. She is 1.68cm and 60KG. She understands and can talk to plants and animals. She is an airhead and doesn’t have much logic, but she has very strong empathy and with enough trigger, it will trigger her ability to heal even the most severe injury. It was believed that she can undo deaths, but she always refuses to do it. She never says why.

Seasonal Fairies (2016)

Fairies of Season. This is a very cliché concept, but I always want to make mine.

Spring Fairy is called Chika. Her theme is pink. Blood type O.

Summer Fairy is called Sumi. Her theme is blue. Blood type A.

Autumn Fairy is called Anne. Her theme is yellow. Blood type AB.

Winter Fairy is called [TBA]. Her theme is green. Blood type B.

A Day with Kyoko Rabbit (2015)

Slice of Life series that will feature Kyoko, a totally 'normal' high school girl who is always sleeping in classes - but she is doing something nobody knows!

Kyoko Rabbit

A transformative Magical Girl. Her concept is superhero, where she is a normal high school student who secretly saves the town.


Kyoko Rabbit’s best friend. Her concept is princess/ hime friend who always support the main character.